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Shadow Masking


Lights and shadows masking

Lights and shadows masking is always around us. Our 3D stereoscopic visions create the depth and sense of light direction of the surrounding objects, all the time. That’s why when it comes to adjusting the shadow in photos, including reflections, direction, magnitude and transparency, the importance can’t be stressed enough.

When an image does not have the proper shadow setting, it is sure to look dull and unrealistic. Let’s face it, no one likes unrealistic things. Your images may create an unimpressive look if it is not masked properly in terms of shadow. Bring a sense of liveliness in your photos with our professional and fully realistic shadow masking services. Let your images mean more than just frames of objects and humans. Whether it’s a portfolio of product images for your e-commerce site or a personal blog, or your travel Instagram profile; we always deliver the best of balanced photos with proper shadow masking.


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