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Ghost Mannequin


Ghost Mannequin

Don’t be alarmed, there is no ghost associated with this service. The fun part about this type of photo editing services is about the removal of the mannequin when it if showcasing a dress. Garments and other clothing materials are needed to be showcased in its proper setting, such as a human body or an alternative to it. The most common method of showcasing clothes and garments that have been going around for a long time is with a mannequin. Mannequins are human-sized dolls, crafted to the exact specifications of a human being, keeping in mind about the many details ghost mannequin.

A mannequin makes a cloth look better, it makes the cloth look better and when it is fitted on a mannequin, it makes more sense to the viewer and they are able to relate to it more. However, ghosting a mannequin gives the overall garment worn mannequin a fulfilling look. This is attained with the ghost mannequin editing process. Today Creation provides this service professionally.

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